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Beware of the Mayan Mind Trick!

A newly discovered Mayan calendar claims to show that the highly “reliable” doomsday date of December 21st, may be altered, if not outright cancelled. The calendar, some 1200 years old itself, appears to archaeologists to go on for roughly 7000 years.
As many of you know, during my 46+ years as a runner, I have faithfully logged my miles (thanks, Coach Pingel). As 100,000 miles has come closer and closer, the goal in the last year or so has been to hit that mark prior to the upcoming expiration date set by the Mayans. Presently, I sit at 98,680. A mere 5.89 miles a day, and I am there!
One might think I look upon the latest news with enthusiasm, if not relief. The pressure is off. No more worrying about this self imposed race against the Mayans; plenty of time to relax and cruise the next 5800 years or so. Not so fast. I have some issues with this latest “discovery.”
First, why the discrepancy in calendars from a group so insightful, organized and highly respected? And who IS the official Hallmark of the Mayan civilization, or was this the work of a Mayan Realtor prospecting for business? AND why hasn’t anyone mentioned that also found on this latest calendar were drawings of half clothed male warriors in fireman outfits?
Next, need I mention this was found in Guatemala, in a tourist area. Clearly Guatemala is and was a destination geared towards people forgetting what day it is/was, not obsessing over it. Are we supposed to believe that some vacationing Madoff-like Mayan exec lamented on his resort hut wall that he only had 2.5 million days until the end of his permanent vacation? I think not.
Finally, I suspect trickery. The Mayans knew, in their infinite wisdom, that I would be closing in on this self proclaimed landmark achievement. In a very “these are not the droids you’re looking for” kind of way, they planted this calendar to divert my focus. Well, sorry, Obi Wan Mayan. I didn’t just fall off the historical turnip truck (or the hysterical one, either) and cannot be so easily fooled. And besides, just because I’m paranoid, it doesn’t mean you’re not out to get me.

I trudge on!