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Embracing 2019 With A Plan!

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With 2018 quickly coming to a close, most business owners and entrepreneurs have either already began planning for the coming year or are in the process. To help with that, here are 6 steps to creating that awesome plan for 2019: 1. Re-evaluate 2018 2. Determine your goals 3. Know your numbers 4. Plan for productivity 5. Oversee your time 6. Deploy your strengths against your plan. Questions or form… Read More »Embracing 2019 With A Plan!

Airline Hospitality and my Holiday Celebration YPPE #6

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Fifteen to twenty times a year, I have one of the great experiences of modern day customer service: I fly on an airplane. I won’t mention the specific airline because, well, it could be almost any one of them and I certainly don’t want to play favorites…. or unfavorites. My only wish is that during the Holidays I could have served my family with a little Airline Hospitality. Here’s my… Read More »Airline Hospitality and my Holiday Celebration YPPE #6

“Working Smarter” Operative word is WORK! YPPE #5

Today, I want to talk about this concept that is tossed around so frequently in the workplace and in our lives that I think we misunderstand what it means. It’s time to talk about, yes, working smarter.

Are You a Good Listener? YPPE #4

So, Are you a good listener? Many people aren’t. In this episode, we’ll examine WHY you would want to be a better listener, the KINDS of listeners, WHICH is the best type, and HOW to be the best listener I can possibly be.  

Consumer Centricity, Customer Service, and 8 Laws. YPPE#3

If you are customer centric, if your company is customer centric it goes far beyond actual customer service. Being truly customer centric reflects your ability to show customer oriented leadership, it shows your ability to understand your customer. You have designed the experience they have for THEM, you empower them, you put them first, you design ways to measure their satisfaction and you correct the customer centric ship when it… Read More »Consumer Centricity, Customer Service, and 8 Laws. YPPE#3


With the new year already in full swing, most of you have put together either resolutions, goals, or plans OR some variation of all of those. And while we business planners reinforce important things like our vision statement, set new goals, play with the budget and finances, and carefully design our action plan; we ignore a key component of success in this year: 2018. Strengths.  

Optimism and 2018 YPPE #1

So here we are, saying good-bye to 2017 and look to the coming year with hope and anticipation. Honestly, I can’t help but to think it’s going to be an excellent year. The question, then, becomes: How do I (I meaning you, me, anybody) make it a better year, or at least have it be as good as we’d like it? For me, the answer has always been clear: OPTIMISM!