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The Proof is in the Miles. Get OUT 2019!

Holy Crap!

I haven’t run this little since High School. Even in the “bad” years when I worked at Coldwell Banker and struggled to get runs in, I ran more than in 2019.


1106 miles. In fact, in 2018 I almost had that by the halfway point. A bad year, indeed. And with the knee replacement in June, I don’t expect the next year to be much better. 

1106 miles. That’s barely averaging 3 miles a day. And to be honest, if that really was 3 miles every single day, I might be okay with that (well, probably not). But it wasn’t 3 miles every day. There were a multitude of 0 days.

1106 miles. That’s worse mileage than a 1986 Lamborghini Countach (look that one up). 

So what do you do? We’ll see. Maybe….

Run on. Anyway. 

And don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people with much bigger problems than a bad knee. I am grateful to be strong, healthy, and happy with the life I lead.

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