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Look Out NYC, Squamish, and Imogene! I’m coming for ya!

In one week, I will run my final race of 2015, the North Face Endurance Half Marathon near San Francisco, CA. It was supposed to be my first ultra marathon, a 50K. Unfortunately, when the knee injury hit, plans got changed. I missed the Hot Chocolate 15K and the Back Country Half Marathon completely. The 50K becomes a Half Marathon. No problem, adaptability is a human characteristic and I have plenty.

With a short, broken, unsuccessful racing season in the rear view mirror, I look to ramp it up in 2016. Sixteen races make up my calendar for the coming year and they come in all shapes and sizes. Several have significance.

First and foremost, I need to get into the New York City Marathon. Nothing would be cooler than to celebrate my 65th birthday (yes, they’re holding it on my birthday) running the streets of New York. SO, let the universe be aware….. I’m getting drawn in that lottery! 

Next, I registered for the Squamish 50K in August in British Columbia yesterday. The course is challenging, the course is beautiful and I am excited that I was able to get in. 

Last, I have unfinished business on Imogene Pass provided I can get in that one as well; (see to understand). Of course, there are others. Those, however, are the biggies.

So knowing that schedules are fluid, here’s what I have planned for the coming year:

March 6              Napa Valley Marathon (this one is still up in the air)
April 24               Cherry Creek Sneak 5 mile (qualifying for a good Bolder Boulder wave)
April 30               Greenland 50K  (1st Ultra)
May 30                Bolder Boulder 10K  (redemption)
June 18               Leadville Heavy Half  (50/50 on this one)
July 3                  Vail Hill Climb (7 miles)
July 16                Kendall Mountain Run (12 miles, maybe, maybe not)
July 31                San Francisco Marathon  (have put this off forever)
August 6             Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon  (love this race)
August 21           Squamish 50K   (never been to British Columbia)
September 10     Imogene Pass Run (17 miles. Revenge sought)
October 4            Hot Chocolate 15K Denver
October 16          Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathon  (maybe, maybe not)
November 6        NYC Marathon  (it’s on my birthday for crying out loud)
November 19      Nike Cross 5K  (this looked like a blast)
December 3        North Face 50K or 50 mile

So, that’s it. Planning to train smarter and make it through the year without illness and/or injury.

Speaking of injury, while I am still aware that my knee exists, it has not bothered me on a run for five days. Yay! 51 miles for this week. Double Yay (I guess that would be Yay, Yay).

Run on.

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