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Dream Big!

Tonight Lauren Fleshman will run in the qualifying heats of the Olympic Trials. As a Facebook friend, running aficionado and admirer of great talent, her story is not new to me. It was brought to the forefront of my mind today, however, because of two things: Her race is tonight (yeah, I said that) and she posted an awesome blog today reviewing her path to this day. That link is
A year ago, Fleshman’s plan was to bury the competition, qualify for London and begin preparations for a medal assault at the Olympics. This was her dream. Funny thing about dreams, they don’t always come true. A series of painful, training-robbing injuries have taken her from the favorites role and placed her into a whole other category: inspiration.
Fleshman will toe the line having averaged roughly 10 miles a week over the last couple of months. For the unknowing, non-runner types out there, that’s not much. A robust old man like me has been averaging almost that a day the last two months, and world class 5K female runners tend to run 80+ in heavy training. Lauren, on the other hand, has utilized everything and anything that doesn’t hurt to prepare for this day. Swimming, the EliptiGo and sprint sessions have been the staple of her preparation. Lauren Fleshman is chasing a dream. She hopes for the best. In reality, achieving the dream is awesome, but living and committing to the dream is the best.
Somewhere in the movie, Love Story, someone said, “you lose your dream, you die.” I think they’re right. For those of us actively participating in this life, the dream is everything. It’s the goal, the focus, the thing to be planned around, the ultimate achievement. The goal is the anchor in a purpose driven life. And while we don’t achieve them all, this is one instance where the journey has considerable reward.
I’m sending my “C” to Lauren Fleshman tonight (read her blog and you’ll get this). Dream on, girl!
NOTE:  Roughly fifteen minutes ago, Lauren Fleshman qualified for the finals of the 5000 meters to be contested Thursday evening with the top three finishers heading to London. You never know the power of a dream!

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