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Windy Long Run!

Thirteen days have passed since I ran the Napa Valley Marathon. Seemed like enough time has passed to go out for an easy long run. I chose today for two reasons: yesterday and tomorrow. Yesterday the wind was blowing between 20-25 miles an hour. I hate the wind. Tomorrow the forecast says we will have winds between 20-25 miles an hour. I will still hate the wind tomorrow. SO, I opt for today’s mild breeze in the 10-15 range.
My run from home to the Lower Downtown Denver REI store is 17 miles. It is predominantly downhill (I like that). Today it was downhill and into the headwind, pretty much all the way. My goal was simple, run easy in the 145 heart rate area (probably 10:15-20 pace) and concentrate on good biomechanics and relaxation. Maybe, just maybe, pick it up a bit at the end.
My opening mile (uphill and into the wind) was a 10:40. After that, it came down to four or five around 10:12. During mile six, I dropped it down to either side of 10:00. A couple of 10:02, a few 9:56. Mile 14 passed in 9:42, followed by 9:29, 9:20 and 9:19. Not too bad.
All in all, it was an okay run. The wind was a constant beating and made me wonder how delightful and quicker a 10-15 tailwind would have been. It was, as well, my quickest and easiest long run on the ever popular time/heart rate/easy effort continuum. My legs felt good, never great. No lingering marathon issues. Heart rate averaged 144, breathing tougher due to the wind.

Still looking for my next marathon. Thinking a half, the Platte River Trail Half Marathon, on April 10th might be fun.

Have fun! Run on!

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  1. or the 25K river run in Spokane…April 17. Come run with 2 semi-ridiculous Canadians and one really crazy chic from Idaho! The wrap up dinner is at Dicks…

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