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Peak Performance Coaching: Activity Directed Approach

The Infrastructure of a Successful Business

The Activity Directed Coaching program is designed for agents seeking specific direction in their real estate business. All facets of the business will be explored enabling each participant the opportunity to discover their real estate strengths and weaknesses – likes and dislikes. The program’s duration is three months.

Each participant will be given tasks to perform each week of the program. Many will become repetitive, habitual tasks aimed at creating long lasting business skills and systems. An example of a habitual task might be calling 10% of your sphere of influence each week. In addition to the directed tasks, projects will be assigned. Projects are intended to begin the accumulation of specific skills, create resources and generate business. An example of a project could be the creation of a pre-listing packet. All activities will be logged onto the Peak Performance Activity Log and e-mailed to your Coach weekly. Accountability will be both Coach and self-directed.

Participants will have access to periodic downloads that contain samples of many of the projects, tools and resources referred to in the program. Each week will also include video lessons to help clarify, educate and direct the agent’s participation in the activities, downloads and projects. Four coaching calls will anchor the Activity Directed program: one at the outset, and one per month for the three month duration of the program.

Areas of Focus:

  • Creating and/or enhancing an effective business plan
  • Developing and nurturing an effective sphere of influence program designed to obtain consistent business over an extended career.
  • Learning to prospect other sources of business (Expired Listings, For Sale By Owners, Open Houses etc…)
  • Creating effective pre-appointment packets
  • Developing powerful presentations for both Sellers and Buyers
  • Becoming a Market Expert
  • Learning to utilize Social Media in the business

3 months divided into 3 individual coaching blocks of focus.

The investment for participation in the entire 3 month program is $387 ($129/month). Additional months may be added at $119 per month.

Requirements for entry

  • A powerful desire to become a better, more effective real estate professional
  • The ability to accept and embrace guidance and direction
  • Willingness to perform weekly activities essential to a successful real estate business
  • A workable e-mail address checked daily (at a minimum)
  • Completing a questionnaire reflecting past experiences and current business practices
  • Completing a Behavior style inventory
  • Completing a Goal Assessment exercise
  • A twitter account
  • A PayPal account (for credit card payment)

If you are aiming at Peak Performance in a more individually focus manner, see our Peak Performance Pursuing Mastery program. Just CLICK HERE.

If you are interested in being coached, we are happy to share our plan with you and discuss your needs. Please send an e-mail to, place the word “Coaching” in the subject line and we’ll answer as soon as we can. In the meantime, explore our website.