Daily RICHual

They say, whomever THEY are, that one of the keys to success is practicing daily rituals. Hi, I’m Rich Sands and while I don’t disagree with that thought, I like to think about my daily rituals as being my daily RICHuals. The idea here is simple. Each RICHual is about a minute. Somewhere in that minute is hopefully something that will get you going, thinking, wondering, or better yet doing. It’s that simple. SO, Welcome to the Daily RICHual

The daily RICHual can be found here on my website as a short video type thing, on Anchor as a podcast (where you COULD subscribe), not to mention Spotify, Radio Public, Pocketcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Breaker, and Apple podcasts. It can also be found as a quickie video on my daily RICHual youtube channel at thedailyrichual.com (where you COULD subscribe) or my Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter every weekday.

Coming soon, once I get the wheels turning correctly, it will be an Alexa skill that you can consume at home. In the end, it’s all about you, because if you’re like me, you enjoy taking in the things that help you in the quest for excellence.

So check out The Daily RICHual. If you have ideas or requests, shoot me an email at richteaches@gmail.com. Thanks. Enjoy….