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Still Learning Through the Pandemic?

So, here we are. This Corona Virus thing is still around. This country, and the people in it, are pretty goofy (nicest, softest word I could come up with). No one knows when this will pass. What have you been doing?

While states have opened up businesses to varying degrees, things are still less than normal. Masks are commonplace here in Colorful Colorado (no idea when that will change), agents are pretty busy, at least the ones who are pretty busy. We no longer see the weird pandemic stories of prepping your open house as if it were a high hazard zone, and I’m not sure how many listing appointments are being held on ZOOM. So, how has this evolved for you the past six months?

Seriously, I’d like to know.

I teach a CRS class called Transforming Difficult Situations into Profitable Deals. It has some “scenarios” that agents deal with at the end of the class, and while they are fun, and somewhat relevant, one thing is missing: the Corona Virus situations. Being the responsible kind of instructor, I need to add some REAL difficult situations to this class…. maybe yours!

So, if you would, send me your story. Describe that difficult Corona story. What happened, what was at risk, and how did you handle it. I would love to include a few. Thanks.

I’ve run a ton. Even though my knee still needs to be replaced (and probably won’t for awhile) I have averaged between 45-50 miles during this stretch. 45-50 at my pace is like being out there for 70-80 miles time-wise. 

Then there is real estate, class prep, class delivery, and trying desperately to grow, learn more, do more, keep sanity. This has revolved around three activities: books, podcasts, movies.

BOOKS. Nothing groundbreaking here, I like to read, although I surely have seen a decline in the quality of today’s book now that we’re in the anyone-can-write-a-book stage of literature. Here are some with very short “reviews.” 

Can’t Hurt Me. David Goggins. This was a fascinating story about an incredible man and his quest to be the best he can be. While an amazing read, it did become a bit repetitive.
Mindset. Carol Dweck. This was hyped to be the ultimate book from the ultimate research on growth mindset. IOf all of the books I will mention, I couldn’t finish this one. Seemed too simplistic, too boring.
Meditation and Mindfulness. Andy Puddicome. Interestingly, it took my several months to read this book. At first, it seemed oddly challenging, but as my own meditation practice grew, the book became clearer. Good stuff if you’re into it.

Running for my Life. Lopez Lomong. Lopez Lomong is an American Olympian and  long distance runner. His book tells the story of his abduction by the Sudanese army while in church with his parents at the age of 6, his escape to a refuge camp in Kenya, his ten years at the camp and his eventual move to the United States. I couldn’t put this down.
Above the Clouds. Kilian Jornet. Don’t get me wrong, I have massive respect for the greatest mountain runner in history. And I loved some of the stories documenting his amazing feats like climbing Everest without oxygen twice in six days. BUT…… the whining about being famous while being anti-social became unbearable. Maybe there is irony in someone charging me $25 to read a book and then telling me he doesn’t care if I read his book. 

PODCASTS. Up until this knee thing and the drastic slowing of my pace, I never listened to anything while on a run. These days, I strap up a podcast for at least half of them. Mostly, I listen to running podcasts, but occasionally will mix in something else interesting. I like the Rich Roll podcast, some Joe Rogan, Billy Yang. But, the last month, I am a sucker for anyone who interviews neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman. WOW, he is a guy who is fascinating at telling us the real story of how our brains work.

MOVIES. I confess…. I am a “fun” movie kind of guy. I don’t like horror, and can’t stand violence. If I want that, I can watch the news. I like happy, fun, stuff. When bored, I most rely on Seinfeld, Frasier, and the like. My wife, on the other hand loves drama. It makes for interesting nights in front of the tube. In the last couple of months however, three movies have stood out.

The Social Dilemma. Yikes! What a powerful look into the world of the internet and mostly social media. While pretty shocking, not much of this was surprising. I didn’t really get into the little mini-soap opera thing about the kid and his family, but the rest was great. Mostly, I came away knowing there were some things I was, or was not, doing on social media that real work. That is for another time….

Faith, Hope, and Love.
 A delightful Christian movie and is unlike the usual Christian movie in that there is no attempt to make you feel bad, preach to you, or throw religion in your face. It’s just a fun ride as two people work there way through life after divorce and death and find each other threw dancing. Robert Krantz wrote, produced, directed, and starred in this and Dancing With The Stars pro Peta Murgatroyd is good in her first real acting gig.

Enola Holmes. OMG, how did I miss Millie Bobby Brown? Playing Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister, she is absolutely engaging as she solves the “disappearance” of her Mother and helps a young Lord escape a killer. This was just plain fun.

So, what have you been up to?