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Today I Ran 6 miles…

Today I ran 6 Miles. No big deal. I do that often.

Today, however, followed a 58 mile week and put me over 1200 miles year to date. Now, THAT, is another story.

In all of 2019, I logged 1106 miles. It was my worst mileage year since high school (back when we just didn’t run much in the off season). Most of it was about this knee replacement saga. Arthritis everywhere, not much holding the bottom of my knee together. That’s the story, anyway.

So, I’ve always had this arbitrary, self imposed target of a minimum of 2000 miles in a year. If I got in 2000 miles, it meant I’d had a “serious” year running.  Well, if the next four months are like the last two, then Boom, Bam, What…… we just might hit it. Emphasis on the What??????

When I began 2020 and mostly when the pandemic hit, I pledged to myself that maybe, just maybe, I could still run. Maybe if I ate healthier, weighed less, I wouldn’t need some metal contraption violating my body to make it happen. Thirty (30) pounds later, I’m getting closer.

Thirty pounds is barely halfway to where I want to be, but I feel like I am on the right path; the running path. And MAN…… I love the running path.

So it’s time to step it up. Time to eat even better. Time to exercise even more.

I’ve got a surgery to postpone for years.

Run on.