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I Really Do Like Music, BUT…..

Maybe my senses cry out for solitude even more during this time of social distancing, a health-based focus and self-examination. Maybe I notice it when I’m in the silence of my home office. Then again, maybe it’s following me around (just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me) and your experience is different. Maybe, like technology, it was invented by therapists to drum up more business (there’s some conspiracy theory for you). To what am I referring????? Music.

Is it just me, or has the world been set to music? It’s in every store everywhere. It’s in the airport, the elevator, the restaurant, and yes, there is music in the restroom (which isn’t much of an improvement over that mediocre restaurant chain where they think that the urinal is a good place to teach me Italian). Most television shows, especially the dramas, have a musical annoying/white noise background thing going on (which by the way has infiltrated itself into talk radio, too). Without a doubt, I could walk into a room blindfolded and tell you that Law and Order SVU is on just from hearing the music (that repetitious, impending drama stuff). During the last two months, Linda has binged on two shows: Blue Bloods (could their intro and closing music possibly be any louder?) and Manifest, and BOTH have the most tedious, non-relevant music filling almost every second. And often, the music comes at the expense of hearing dialogue (which may be a blessing in disguise).

Don’t get me wrong, I love music. I grew up with Frank, Elvis, Mozart, the Temptations, EWF, John, Paul, Ringo and George, and Bradley, Freakin’, Kincaid. Rock, Blues, Jazz, Motown, Broadway, Classical, are all in my repertoire of musical tastes. I’ve even been known to hum a Broadway musical on occasion (Carousel is my favorite). I love Mozart’s Piano Concerto #21 more than any piece of music, ever! When I need comedy, I watch/listen to Salut Salon (go look that one up). I played in the marching band, the symphony orchestra and a small rockish band. I attended the National Music Camp in Interlochen, for cryin’ out loud. But, with the exception of things like, oxygen for example, isn’t there a time and place for everything?

As an old school runner, I never really got into the whole listen-to-music-while-you-run thing. I feel fortunate. My running is my solitude, my creative time and space, my time to….. well, run. But how soon before The National Association For Pumping Music Everywhere (yes, that’s the NAFPME, it’s a real thing) installs speakers on the trail? 

Is it Xfinity? Please enjoy the music while you’re wasting your life on hold. Are the Beatles sending me subliminal messages? I buried Paul. Is there some governmental directive to infiltrate my mind with tunes? One for you, nineteen for me.

Whatever or whomever it is, more than the hills are alive, with the Sound of Music. AND, It is the real reason for noise canceling headphones.

Peace. Please……. Peace.