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Daily RICHual #36: The Price of a Cookie

Boarding my flight yesterday, I was reminded of a time long ago when Frontier Airlines served freshly baked (well, re-baked) chocolate cookies on their flights. I don’t like living in the past BUT, It was a sad day, on April 25, 2012, when my boarding inquiry about cookies, was met with this response, “We are, but I hear from catering that this is the last time.” What? I looked it up.

“When we looked at the cookie, we were the only domestic low-cost carrier serving a free, perishable snack on board,” said Frontier spokesperson Lindsey Carpenter. “That doesn’t align with the perception or financial reality of a low-cost carrier.”

OhhhhhhLindsey, that’s the whole idea, EXACTLY. It didn’t align. That’s what made it so great.