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Daily RICHual #34: Harry Beckwith meets Barney Stinson

In his landmark customer service book, Selling the Invisible, Harry Beckwith offers a three stepm approach to marketing your product or service(s).

Step One is where you are trying to get what Beckwith calls, “a basic, acceptably reliable product” (or service).

Step Two is where competition has entered the scene. Competition creates a need to listen to the customer, listening creates refinements and improvements. Beckwith says answering customers needs is the driving force in this second step. Unfortunately, this step represents the top rung on most companies service ladder. Most will tread water here forever.

Disney, Lexus, the Ritz Carlton and Nordstroms are some of the few that have ventured into Step Three. Here is where the company has created products and services that have gone beyond meeting customers expressed needs.