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Daily RICHual #25: Train People to be with People

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Without naming names, there are quite a few entities in the real estate business focused on delivering products, services, and methodology to obtain more sales. Some sell programs and apps, some sell their services, and some “employ” agents.

As a trainer of real estate agents, I have seen it all and see more every single day. And while some of it is great, some of it sucks and some of it sits squarely in the middle, my question is this….Who’s teaching the greatest sales tool of all time? Who is teaching the thing that can transform any agent in any city at any company into a top producer? Who’s teaching people?

This past Friday, as I listened to keynote speaker Scott Stratten, author of most famously, Unmarketing, discuss with 700 agents the “secret,” he focused on just that: people. Reaching them, building with them, enhancing relationships.

So how about teaching listening, attentiveness, empathy?