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The Daily RICHual #1: Tolerance

Today is Martin Luther King day in America. When most people alive in the 60s think of MLK, they think of Civil Rights, peace, protests, progress, and tolerance, among others. While all of those things are still important 52 years later, I’d like to make a push for tolerance. Every 4 years two things happen in this country: the Olympics and elections. One I look forward to, the other…. Eh…

Don’t get me wrong, I love voting. I was a civics teacher for crying out loud. What drives me nuts is the complete lack of tolerance most people have towards anyone who has an opinion that differs from theirs. And most of the people in charge have built this system of US vs. THEM to somehow perpetuate intolerance. Doesn’t mean WE have to play, right?

One of the things at the core of Intolerance is judgment. Now I can’t control anyone other than me. SO, my goal then is to increase my tolerance by getting OUT of judgment and into curiosity. How about you?