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Daily RICHual #10 . I Run. Why Run?

I run. I’ve run for 53 ½ years, almost 115,000 miles and often I get asked, what are you running from? Are you seeking escape or balance. My answer? both.

I love the fact that I have found this activity that not only allows me the opportunity and the challenge of being in touch with myself and my world physically, mentally and spiritually, but also seems to encourage it.  I’ve stated many times that I do my best thinking; my best work, on the run. And If that is the case, most days on the ten scale, are an eleven.

Holy crap, I make it sound like I’m working on the run, but that is not the case. Clarity is not work.

Yeah, I suppose I’m getting physical benefit from the run as well. Bopping along for an hour or more at an elevated heart rate is good cardiovascular work. And I know that my running has been one of the primary reasons I have avoided much of the sickness and disease many of my chronological mates deal with as we age. But as good as that may be, the physical is not the lure of the run. It’s the rest of it.