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Yesterday I Woke Up on the Couch

Yesterday I woke up on the couch. No, this isn’t a story about marital trouble and it is not a commercial about the world’s most comfortable couch (although mine is pretty comfortable). This is a story about decisions.

Yesterday, I was supposed to awaken in a bed at Rose Medical Center. I would awaken there because two days ago I was scheduled for my  knee replacement. While my Doctor said he’d throw me out of the surgery center in 4 hours, Medicare says old folk like me have to spend the night. Anyway, it didn’t happen. I moved it; postponed it, you might say. Here’s why:

After spending most of a Monday about four weeks ago re-reading my “Guide to Knee Replacement” I am convinced that this was not the time for this and is my best plan.
My reasons for postponing are:
1.   1) In order to have the best replacement surgery and recovery, it is advisable to not be overweight. Presently, I am considerably overweight. My history says that I am literally no good at dropping weight in the winter (like many). I do much better in the spring and early summer and in the past have been able to drop up to 12 pounds a month very naturally. That, frankly, would be ideal. In 2001 at the ripe age of 50, I weighed about 175, which I consider my “ideal” weight. With only four weeks until the December scheduled date, there was no way to make any significant progress to anywhere near that. I know what I have to do to get to 175 and have already made some significant changes in my overall dietary regime.
2.   2) I also read more about recovery and the difficulty of the first month and believe that Christmas is not the time to go through that. Not fun for me, not fun for anyone else. And no fun experiencing this already weird Colorado “winter” with crutches or a walker.
3.   3) Recovery is easier and quicker when the patient is able to be active and summer is the best time for that.
4.   4) Neither Dr Larkin (The Replacer) or Dr Andy (my Ortho guy) are relating any sense of urgency with this surgery. They both say that at some point, I’ll need it, but neither of you say I have to have it, like NOW..
If I were not me, I wouldn’t care about any of this at all. If I didn’t feel that the last 53+ years of running were worth adding to, I wouldn’t care about this. I am the guy who hasn’t been on any major medication for like…. Ever. I don’t even like Advil. To have a foreign object stuck in the middle of my leg seems kind of repulsive and everyone who has had it says it takes some serious getting used to. I really don’t want a knee replacement, but if I want to live the life I want to live for the next 20-30 years, I need to have it done. I just don’t think I am physically (or mentally) ready right now. My wife, Linda, says I’m just chicken. Well, that too.
SO, I postpone. In the meantime, a cortisone shot to help reduce inflammation and pain (although there isn’t much pain). Jogging about 15-20 miles a week for sanity, and getting ready to begin the assault of my bike, the elliptical and anything else I can add to the mix.
Why the couch? Well, I’ve been sick as a dog (whatever that means) the last five days and trying to avoid keeping my wonderful wife awake while I hack through the night.

Run on. Merry Christmas, Happy Whatever else you like.