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2019: A Fabulous Year

In 2004, when Rich Sands Seminars was “founded,” the idea was to be able to reach agents interested in achieving designations and certifications. Already having a great job as the Education Director for Coldwell Banker, I was encouraged by my President, Kate Rossi, to broaden my teaching horizons. After fifteen years, I couldn’t be happier with the results.

2019 was the best year ever. Not just in the number of booked engagements and income, but more importantly in the number of agents touched by sharing those things that make real estate agents awesome. The message here has always been the same: Be the BEST you can be! Be better today than you were yesterday. Be better tomorrow than today.

All in all, 112 days of actual teaching, with the largest share of it being CRS and NAR/REBAC/REBI classes. The clear course favorite from my repertoire in 2019 was the Real Estate Negotiation Expert class which I taught 12 times. In 2020, I suspect that that number might actually grow a bit as negotiating skills have become an essential tool in every agent’s tool kit. Also on the frequently taught list is the ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative) and the SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) classes. My HUGE thanks go out to Dawn Headtke and Maria Cardenas for their continued support delivering these wonderful courses (as well as the others). New for 2020 is a fabulous class called Marketing and Generating Leads which I am excited to share.

I was blessed to be able to teach 16 CRS classes this year. I say blessed because I still believe, after taking my first in 1994, that CRS classes are the most effectively written courses our industry has to offer. The most taught winner of these is the 7 Things Successful Agents Do Differently, followed closely by Listing Strategies and the First Time Home Buyer Specialist class. My big Thank You here goes to Ernie Brown, Pete Glowacki, Claudia Calvert and Connie Anderko for their trust and support. New for 2020 are two great classes: Technology and Plans for Success, and my baby Creating Listing Abundance. The Listing Abundance class, I believe, will be a hot offering this year as I have three booked in some great venues already and another four in the pending column.

While every class is a little different, a few stand out. I LOVED my Leadership “Academy” in Gillette, WY. I was honored to teach at the Triple Play convention in Atlantic City with 50 of the East Coast’s finest. REALLY enjoyed the CRS Sell-A-Bration this year. I’m always grateful for the great turnout I get in Cheyenne, WY. I love my multiple trips to Idaho, my second home AND I enjoyed my Virtual classes with both CRS and RE/MAX International. Amazingly, every class is fun and while a little bias, I think real estate agents are some of the greatest people on the planet.

The only down side to this incredible year is the large number of cancellations. Many agents lost the opportunity to grow and be exposed to a plethora of great ideas and practical solutions due to this unfortunate choice. Eighteen classes went down this sad path in 2019. Nearly $40K in potential income to me (and I’m an old guy who needs to pay the bills) and who knows how much potential income for course providers and sponsors and agents…. 2020 will bring a bunch of added involvement from me in the class promotion aspect of this business. I will renew my Marketing Pledge as well as update my Butts in the Seats video (here is the 2017 version:

Having vented that, I would love to acknowledge the wonderful people who have been the beacons of light in my business and my life. First and foremost, my stalwarts: These are the great folks who have been there for me for as long as I can remember. They are: Kim Farley, Lisa Kallweit, Verna Dugan, Barbara Snowden, Veronica Precella, Kristy Barrett, Angela Gibson, Jessica Eastin, Lisa Tabke, Lacey Barker, Tiffany Hendricks, Amanda Pannell. AND…… I could not wander into the group of big supporters without a shoutout to Ashley Flowers, Paige Schmidt, and Hannah Pratt, who have given me the blessing of being able to work with them and RE/MAX International. I cannot thank you enough.

Also, big thanks to the following folks in no particular order: Stephanie Lay, Ian Wood, Dawn Stephens, Lisa Hansen, Debra Kuzemchak, Lisa Aaron, Laura Kruse, Ulrich Salzgeber, Ward Spears, Gigi Faulkner, Linda Hobkirk, Laurie Thiel, Ward Spears, Bailey Dolian, Candace Decker, Debbie Long, and everyone else who helped orchestrate a class. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

GIGANTIC thanks to my wife, Linda who puts up with my traveling, my slide obsessions, my 4:30 am idea binges, and me. And without a doubt, the monster THANKS goes to the thousands of agents who decided to send a little time getting better and chose my classroom towards that end. Without you, this isn’t worth it.

I am eagerly chomping at the 2020 bit. Already have some great opportunities on the calendar. Very excited about heading back to Idaho several times, also very excited about sharing the Creating Listing Abundance class at Sell-A-Bration (with the group from Spain in attendance) and the Florida Realtor Convention. And SUPER psyched to teach at the RE/MAX R4 Convention. 2020 looks to be clear (see what I did there with the 2020 thing, clear, like eyesight…..?).

My wish for all of you is to give love, feel love, oooze gratitude, and savor the moment. Happy New Year!