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One Step at a Time!

Yeah, that’s right. I ran 22 miles last week. This long period (almost six months) of languishing in the depths of non-runningness has been brutal. But with the help of the ever incredible Dr. Carly May, I seem to be back on the path to being a runner again. I’ve been dry needled, adjusted, ART’d, stretched, jackhammered, and more. I’m doing knee exercises, hip exercises, working my quads, and who knows what else. It’s slowly working.

The highlight of the week was 5 miles of revenge on the Highline Canal. I say revenge simply because it was there, on the Highline six months ago, that I knew I was done running until my knee could be fixed. So, even at a turtle-like 12 minute pace, revenge was sweet.

The best part, however, has been running in my favorite place, the Cherry Creek State Park. I’ve missed the trails and especially the woods. I’ve missed the familiarity of running in that fantastic escape from the surrounding hustle and bustle of the city. I’ve missed running in my backyard, my home away from home.

Another plus has been being able to run with my youngest son Ryan a few days a week. He goes a lot slower than he would probably like in order to run with the old man and I appreciate it. He’s always been a runner (ran a 6:22 in the 1st grade), but he never quite found his place with the sport. Maybe now. Who knows, right?

My knee’s not perfect. Far from it. While it doesn’t really hurt much (maybe 2 on the ten scale), it feels unstable but not really fall over unstable. It’s like I know it is there and it isn’t quite right yet. The discomfort is outweighed by the joy of being back out there. AND, I see improvement almost daily. So, as Kilian Jornet says, “I think my big moment is always tomorrow.”

See you tomorrow. Run on.