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The Agent’s Education Checklist

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 1.34.44 PMIf you go to Google, Bing, Yahoo or any of the major search engines we frequent, type in the words “real estate 2017”, the fruits of your efforts will be a plethora of articles focusing on hot markets throughout the USofA. Low inventory seems to highlight most areas.

So, if someone’s business should be a reflection of the market, the next question easily becomes, what topics should agents and educators focus on in 2017? While the answer to that question could be highly debatable, I went to three groups to find the answer(s): agents, education directors, instructors. It turns out three topics stand out: Marketing (always), Getting Listings, and Negotiating for Buyers.

Obviously, Marketing or knowing how to get business is always important. And with the world changing at break-neck speed, understanding marketing in 2017 is/should be a big focus for everyone. (here I recommend CRS 200 Biz Planning and Marketing, the EBAC marketing reboot, or my own course Stand Out or Step Aside).

Next, Listings. If the old saying “you have to list to last” is true, it’s true anytime. In the seller’s market, however, he/she who gets the listing, most assuredly goes to the bank. Competition is high to GET the listing and because of that an agent would need a great, value laden, benefit driven presentation. AND….. here is where marketing re-establishes itself as something must encourage a potential seller to set an appointment. (Here I completely and totally recommend the best listing class I know, CRS 201 Listing Strategies, the REBAC SRS course, and my course Creating Listing Abundance).

Finally, Buyers. During a seller’s market, a buyer wanting to be successful needs an agent that is completely committed to them and their house hunt. They should totally understand the market, their buyer, and how to be creative to get offers accepted. (for Buyers, I like CRS 202 Buyer Strategies, the fabulous ABR designation, and my course Buyers Need You in a Sellers Market).

As in any year, anytime an agent learns anything that makes them better it is a positive thing. In the HOT market of 2017, why not be targeted?

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