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Creating the Listing Mindset

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 7.22.27 PMThe first quarter of the year has seen me teaching a bunch of listing courses. As a result I have had the opportunity to share with a great many established listing agents as well as a large group of future ones. While the challenges of focusing on listings are many, the best place to begin is with your mindset. So, what is the listing mindset?

First, the mindset begins with doing the work. The listing agent knows their stuff. They know what they have to offer a seller and they know it inside and out, backwards and forwards, every which way you can imagine. On the road to listing abundance, it is essential to know your stuff.

As important as your IQ (what you know) might be, equally important is your EQ. Emotional Intelligence is two-fold: there is the intrapersonal part; how well we know ourselves (self awareness, self management, self motivation), and there is is the interpersonal part; how well we do with others (empathy, managing relationships). The listing agent understands themselves, others, and the relationship between the two. Deepak Chopra said, “One of the keys to harnessing this potentially unlimited power of the mind is to expand your level of self-awareness.”

Once firmly established in the people skills, a great listing agent SEES themselves that way. Their entire frame of reference revolves around sellers. Buyers are nice (and they are a listing by-product), but sellers rule. While the little kid in The Sixth Sense, saw dead people, listing agents see sellers. They see them everywhere. Think Open House? Listing agents think about finding sellers. Asked the big question (how’s the market?), Listing agents answer in terms to which sellers could relate.

Equally important is your ability to visualize yourself as a listing agent. Visualization is nothing more than the systematic practice of creating and strengthening strong, positive mental pictures. It’s difficult  to imagine any negative to creating and strengthening strong positive mental pictures. See yourself the way you believe yourself OR….. fake it till you make it. You brain is gullible. It will believe what you tell it repeatedly.

Finally, the listing agent markets as such. If the target of listing abundance is the listing, then so too, it is the target of marketing. By creating that focus in the recipients of your marketing, you will reinforce it in yourself.

The road to listing abundance has many twists and turns. Being firmly imbedded in the listing mindset will surely help straighten it out.