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Cinco Siempre

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Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.06.28 PMI was watching a video yesterday and someone used the word, siempre. Siempre, in Spanish, means always.

Siempre. What a great word. Always is the way you are consistently: not erratic, unpredictable, uncertain.

So it got me thinking about the always in the sales world. The result? Five always, five things you could always do and they could lead to success, and maybe even happiness.

Five Always. Cinco Siempre.

First, Always know your stuff. What you know gives you incredible traction as a salesperson. Knowledge leads to excellence, credibility and an uncanny ability to be a better listener. It allows you the opportunity to listen with the intent to understand rather than working on what it is you might say next. Know your “product;” what you have to offer others. Know your market, inside and out. Know your people, all about what they want and need.

Second, Always know your self. As important as knowledge, or IQ is, your emotional intelligence is arguably bigger! Know your strengths, don’t worry about your weaknesses. The strength/weakness balance perpetuates mediocrity. Know who you are, be self motivated. Know how you best interact with others.

Third, Always give more than you get or even expect to get. Customer service is about THEM, your business is about THEM. Be about THEM and you will always be successful.

Fourth, Always work your ass off. Nothing about being the best is easy so embrace the work, embrace the toil, embrace the process of becoming great.

Finally, Always be passionate. They say that when your are passionate about what you do you will never work a day in your life. Passion produces excellence, passion produces greatness, passion produces happiness. Tony Robbins said, “passion is the genesis of genius.”

Passion is always. La pasion es siempre.

Five Always. Cinco Siempre.

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