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See You In New York! Schedule Re-Revisited

With some very good news last week, my “race” schedule is once again revisited. It was Tuesday when my email arrived proclaiming I was accepted into the 2016 New York City Marathon. I have run New York in 1993, 84 and 98 and am extremely excited to do this one as 1) it’s been a long time and 2) race day is my 65th birthday.

Latest schedule as set (registered races in red):

April 10               Platte River Half Marathon
April 24               Cherry Creek Sneak 5 mile (maybe 5K)
May 30                Bolder Boulder 10K  (redemption)
June 18               Leadville Heavy Half  (still 50/50 on this one)
July 3                  Vail Hill Climb (7 miles)
July 31                San Francisco Marathon  (Looking for a Boston qualifier)
August 6             Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon  (love this race)
August 21           Squamish 50K   (never been to British Columbia)
September 10     Imogene Pass Run (17 miles. Revenge sought)
October 4            Hot Chocolate 15K Denver
October 16          Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathon  (Probably for sure as NYC tuneup)
November 6        NYC Marathon  (it’s on my 65th birthday for crying out loud)
November 19      Nike Cross 5K  (this looked like a blast)
December 3        North Face 50K or 50 mile

On other news, last week was a recovery week with only 43 miles. This one may be the same as it seems I’ve caught a cold (and there’s no cure for that, you know). I guess I’d just as soon get the spring cold out of the way now rather than May, which is my usual time.

Also saw that Lance Armstrong competed in the Marin Ultra 50K. Placed 14th overall. That’s one tough cookie especially on those hills. Good on you, Lance.

Run on.