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Schedule Revisited

Back on November 29th of 2015, I speculated as to my racing schedule for what was then, the upcoming year (see Now that the upcoming year is the here year, let’s see where we’re at on this thing.

Schedule as set (crossed out no longer running – races added in red):

March 6              Napa Valley Marathon (this one is still up in the air)
April 10               Platte River Half Marathon
April 24               Cherry Creek Sneak 5 mile (maybe 5K)
April 30               Greenland 50K  (1st Ultra)
May 30                Bolder Boulder 10K  (redemption)
June 18               Leadville Heavy Half  (still 50/50 on this one)
July 3                  Vail Hill Climb (7 miles)
July 16                Kendall Mountain Run (12 miles, maybe, maybe not)
July 31                San Francisco Marathon  (registered)
August 6             Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon  (love this race)
August 21           Squamish 50K   (never been to British Columbia registered)
September 10     Imogene Pass Run (17 miles. Revenge sought)
October 4            Hot Chocolate 15K Denver
October 16          Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathon  (maybe, maybe not)
November 6        NYC Marathon  (it’s on my 65th birthday for crying out loud)
November 19      Nike Cross 5K  (this looked like a blast)
December 3        North Face 50K or 50 mile

Training has been progressing slowly (pace-wise), but steadily. The milder winter weather has helped a bit. Have gotten in “long” runs of 11, 12, 14, 14 since the turn into 2016. (weekly mileage noted on left – one day to go in week 10 – will be over 50).

Picked up some Piriformis Syndrome after the North Face Half that lingered for two months. Literally a pain in the ass. It is considerably better at this point and it is time to get serious.

Adding strength and core, preventative drills, and a bit less dietary junk as a part of the “serious” mode. In short, it’s time.

Run on.