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How’s Your Package?

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.21.53 AMWouldn’t it be great if there was someone who could precede your listing appointment: sharing the benefits of working with you, pontificating about the strength of your marketing plan, giving them just the right dose of information about how you work?

Well, there is and he or she is staring back at you from your mirror.

YOU, through an extremely effective positioning strategy can accomplish every one of those goals by preparing and then sending a Pre Listing Package.

As I travel our country teaching CRS 201 and other Listing courses, I find that while maybe half of all agents are aware of the Pre Listing Package only about 10% actually send one despite the many benefits.

First of all, a Pre Listing Package differentiates you from the competition. With so few agents sending them, you’ve already stood out from the crowd just by doing it.

Next, the Pre Listing Package fulfills the need people have to prepare for big events in their lives. You’d never go on a trip without perusing the brochure or website. We like knowing what’s coming and what’s going to be important.

Finally a Pre Listing Package sets the stage for your arrival. Consider it three ways: 1) you are pre-positioning yourself prior to an important negotiation (appointment, 2) You are controlling the process. You don’t get to make too many decisions on a listing appointment, so it is imperative that you control the process so that the potential seller makes the right decision, and 3) You get to decide what they know about you, your marketing plan, pricing philosophy, and anything else before they ever meet with you. A definite bonus!

We cover the Pre Listing Package beginning to end in most of my listing classes, but especially in CRS 201, Listing Strategies. In fact, many of you have already heard this schtick. But have you done anything about it?

I’ve got a sample, if you need a place to begin. Drop me an email and I’ll send it to you ( If yours is great, send me a copy, I’d love to show it off in my next class.

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