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Five Marketing Principles

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Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 8.23.51 AM“Money coming in says I’ve made the right marketing decisions.” So says author Adam Osborne

As salespeople, one of our chief duties is to find business. This, either fortunately, or unfortunately, sends us down the road to marketing. So that each of us might do a better job marketing, there are five important marketing principles to follow.

1. Personal Promotion. Marketing is all about you. Personal promotion is all about you. Except, it isn’t. Actually good marketing is all about the consumer and how YOU can help them. Help them, and you help you.

2. Differentiate Yourself. Most of us are not the only one doing whatever it is we’re doing. Most of us have competition from others striving to do whatever it is we’re doing. When that competition is strong, finding ways to differentiate ourselves is imperative. Both Coke and Pepsi are huge soft drink brands. While most consumers, when blindfolded, cannot tell one from the other, each has carved a significant niche through differentiating themselves in their marketing.

3. Prior to the Point of First Contact. The most effective marketing creates a situation where the consumer has picked you prior to them actually needing you. In real estate, where there are 3 million people with a license in the United States, it is essential to position ourselves as the agent of choice. If so-and-so is getting up tomorrow morning and wanting to buy or sell, the best plan is to be their agent tonight, before they go to sleep. Or as I like to say, be their agent BEFORE they need one.

4. Appropriate Distribution. How much? How often? Who knows? It’s like prunes, is one enough, is three too many? Two numbers help us with this question. Marketing people refer to a phenomenon called the Remembrance Factor. According to which guru you choose to believe, a marketing message has a shelf life of between 16 and 21 days. The National Association of Realtors says that a message received is forgotten somewhere between 21 and 24 days. SO…… It is probably best to be in front of your audience at least every 21 days (I might suggest twice a month).

5. Relevance Wins. So, I’m at a cocktail party. I overhear someone mention my name. Here’s what I don’t want to hear, “Oh, you bought chicken today. You should talk to that guy over there, Rich Sands. He has some of the best chicken recipes anywhere.” We market way too many chicken fettuccine recipes and football schedules. In order to be someone’s agent BEFORE they need one (see #3), the message must be: “I’m you agent, I’m your agent, I’m your agent.” Relevant content gives you the opportunity to show how you stand out and highlights your expertise.

So, there you have it, 5 Marketing Principles. As Groucho Marx once said, “These are my principles, and if you don’t like them….. well, I have others.” For more information, go to and search for marketing videos