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Being the Market Expert Part 3: Showing Expertise

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man-404376_960_720We have strengthened our market knowledge, we have shared it with anyone who might ask. Last, but not least, we want to utilize a plethora of sources to actually get the word out PRIOR to being asked; to PRE-position our expertise. If we could have appointments where we were selected before we ever showed up, THAT would be a good thing. If you have established yourself as the expert when it comes to the market, you may have PRE-positioned yourself for success. Here are a half dozen ways to, basically, show your expertise EVERYWHERE.

1. Your Website. When consumers visit a real estate website, statistics show they are arriving for two things: to search for property and to obtain real estate information. A most highly sought informational prize is learning about the market. Agents that show their expertise on their website through the use of a Blog or Video market updates will find consumers happy and ready to return for the next update.

2. Social Media. What you post to your website, post in social media. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google +, or wherever…. people love reading original content (it beats Minion quotes, any day).

3. Direct/Email Marketing. Whatever your current sphere of influence marketing plan might be, it should include market stats that illustrate your expertise. It is the people who already know you, like you, and trust you that can benefit most from your knowledge. Do not leave them out of the plan.

4. Client Packages. Whether a Homebuyer Guide or Pre-Listing packet, dazzle your potential buyers and sellers with valuable information about the market they are about to enter. Your market knowledge will help sellers price more effectively and buyers buy smarter.

5. Open Houses. You get asked the “question” here more than most places. Not only give the best answer (see post #2), but have a market report ready to be bestowed upon them. They’ll love it and you won’t regret it.

6. Everywhere. Take your trusty 30-60 second speech with you everywhere. Any conversation can turn to real estate, so be prepared to show them you know what you’re talking about.

We’ve explored six ways to PRE-position your expertise. PRE-positioning expertise is a fantastic way to insure that you have a competitive edge with today’s buyers and seller.

If you missed any of the three steps to Being the Market Expert, you can find them at in the blog section.