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The UP Side of Downgrading

Suunto Ambit2 Yay!
The “final” decision was made today. I have opted down at the North Face Endurance Challenge on December 5. Originally, the plan was to run the 50K. With the prolonged knee issues and the loss of training therein, I am instead running the Half Marathon. I consider this an extreme disappointment. Yet while hovering at the bottom of that decision I have found the road to an optimistic outlook for the coming year.
Firmly imbedded in a routine of stretching and preventative exercises, I am hoping to tackle 2016 without injury or illness. The plan is as follows: 2 marathons on the road, a 50K or maybe two (roughly 31 miles) and a 50 miler. 2500+ miles run, and a few days off, but NONE of them because of injury.
Presently we’re in the middle of a 40+ mile week, the most in about two months. While the knee pain/stiffness is lingering, it is much improved each week. The hope is to be completely pain free in a couple more weeks. Long runs at this point are around eight miles and exclusively on trails. Optimism reigns supreme!
I am writing this blog post while on a flight to Phoenix. We are on our way to the Nike Cross Regional Championships as my Grandson Mason is running. His best this year (he is a Sophomore) is 16:04 so he is hoping to crack the 16 minute barrier on the fast course and be helped by the incredible competition (nearly a dozen under 15 last year).
On another note, for my birthday Linda presented me with a Suunto Ambit2, a fantastic GPS, heart rate, and everything else including the kitchen sink watch that I am absolutely loving. More on that later. In the meantime….

Run on.