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Knee Stuff

The more things stay the same, the more they stay the same. Not exactly how the saying goes but it captures the current status of my running life. In the last three weeks or so, I have gotten in about 60 miles. That’s it. That is less than a normal week under normal conditions. I suppose it’s better than zero, right?
I began treatment by gimping around the house, figuring that when I could negotiate the stairs like a regular human being (not one leg leading and the other following), then perhaps I could get out again. Upon completion of that test, I graduated to a sort of speed-walk/shuffle-jog thing. First time was three miles in which 2 ½ of it was walking. Then went to 4 miles of half and half, and finally the full 4 jogging (I won’t insult runners by calling what I was able to do running).
Even during this slow return, it was clear to me that my injury was more than just Popliteal Tendonitis. The tendonitis had kind of peaked during my twenty mile run. The significant injury happened three days later when, I believe, I hyperextended my knee. THAT is what is taking forever to heal.
About a week ago, I returned to see Dr. Carly, the wonder-woman, who dry-needled me and gave some drills and exercises to do to quicken the process and strengthen the area (as well as the surrounding accomplices). Slowly, on it’s own lazy timetable, it is coming around.
I missed the Hot Chocolate 15K and, unfortunately, it looks like I will miss the North Face 50K, my Ultra Marathon debut. My knee is still not comfortable on the run. Sitting for long periods of time (like this moment blogging on an airplane) seems to be the worst. And it is consistently less stable in the morning. The lack of running has halted the weight loss and, in fact, I feel like I have gained about 100 pounds in the last month (okay slight exaggeration). In short, if I wasn’t working a bunch right now, I would be absolutely miserable.
On the bright side, I turned 64 today. In one more year and I will move up an age group (always a good thing). I’m excited to open my gift from Linda tonight, which is a Suunto GPS run watch. And, as usual, I’m excited about the future. I can run that 50K later, I can re-lose whatever weight I have gained starting right now. I can keep doing my exercises AND be a better stretcher AND be better at monitoring my body. In short, as Scarlett O’Hara said, “tomorrow IS another day.”

Run on!