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Georgetown Rules: Run Log Week of August 3rd

The highlight of this week was my sixth running of the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon. Two things: the last time I ran it was twenty years ago. That seems like a LOOOONG time ago. The first time I ran it was thirty years ago. My time this year was 1:56:20 and while I am not displeased with that, it is BY FAR, my slowest ever. Race Report here:

In 1985, I ran 1:29:15. The next year was 1:29:57. Then I took six years off only to return with a mediocre race in 1:34:51 in 1993. In 1995, I redeemed my self a bit as part of a month of pretty good races. 10Ks of 38:35 and 39:03 led me into a 1:29:24 at the GTIS. At that time I was a young 43 years old. The only nicer Master’s month was in 2000 (at the ripe old age of 48) when I ran 3:10:33 at the Flying Pig Marathon, followed by a 1:27:33 two weeks later at the Dexter to Ann Arbor Half, followed two days later by a 41:00 at the Bolder Boulder.

Anyway, it’s a race I really enjoy and I was glad to get back. Next year, we’ll get it down to 1:45 ish.

This next week looks to be exciting as I am in Colorado Springs for two days and hope to hit the Barr Trail. I need some vertical before the Imogene Pass Run and that will be the launching point. The 12th will also mark my 49 year runner-versary.

So 77 miles for the week, up to 1470 for the year (not bad for missing almost three weeks with a bad hammy) and 106,935 total (65 short of turning 107,000). All in all, no complaints.
How about you?

Run on.