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Destination: All Over. Run Log August 10-23

Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga
The past two weeks have been busy: teaching, travel, nights away from home. In the past, these are the weeks that tend to kill any hope for mileage. This time, however, it’s been different. I guess my newfound motivation is real as in every city, on every trip, I have been able to run and keep the mileage up. I’m pretty excited about that.
My mileage presently sits at 70 or mile miles per week for 10 weeks in a row. I’m finding that to be a new norm. I’m finding that when I’m out there, five or six miles just isn’t enough. It’s like cheating or something. I suppose, like all things, that will pass. In the meantime, I kind of like it.
With my travel schedule, I have been fortunate enough to run in some cool places. No, not the Alps or Pyrennes or even the Tetons. Just the same, some nice places. It began, sort of, with my run on the Barr Trail in Manitou Springs a couple of weeks ago. Steep, difficult, exhausting, but totally worth it. 
Next came Gillette, Wyoming. It’s not like there are mountain trails in Gillette or even trails for that matter. Gillette has this area called the Fishing Lakes that sits in the middle of town and is…. just pretty, tranquil and kind of nice. It’s one of the things I look forward to when I go there.
Chattanooga was the next destination. There was an article in DIRT magazine (which is

Piedmont Park, Atlanta

kind of a subsidiary of Trail Running Mag) about Chattanooga as a trail runner’s destination of choice, so to speak. My own personal experience was limited to Lookout Mountain, but I have to say, it was awesome. Some rolling singletrack, some steep, technical climbs, everything someone trying to get ready for the Imogene Pass Run might like. I only logged one run on those trails, but it was a blast.

Yesterday I was in downtown Atlanta. This morning’s 11 mile run was destined to be a city run, but lo and behold, five blocks from my hotel was Piedmont Park. Yay. Piedmont Park is the semi-typical city park, much like Wash Park or City Park in Denver. One key thing separated it from my hometown parks: I’d never run there. It was a total exploration and just a lot of fun.
Tomorrow, I will be in Omaha, Nebraska. Given where I’m teaching and where I am staying, the options may not be as exciting. Given the roll I’m on, however, you never know.

Run on.