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On a Roll

This morning I ran 4 miles. It wasn’t particularly fast and nothing impressive happened whatsoever. But this morning I ran 4 miles and it was the third day in a row after a very inconsistent, injured month.

Saturday’s run was in a lovely place near Elyria, Ohio called the bridgeway trail. It was the perfect place to test a hamstring: flat as a pancake and sea level! I might have only run 3 but it was the fact that it was occurring without an unreasonable amount of hamstring discomfort. Yesterday, back at altitude for an easy 4 in the Cherry Creek State Park woods. Again, flat, easy and the woods. Doesn’t get better than that. That brings us to today where an easy 4 was another step in the progression back to legs that work without over-tightness, cramps and knots. 

I don’t mean to get, heaven forbid, optimistic here but the three runs and the fact that I’ve lost 11 pounds in just a bit over two weeks has me there. Hoping for more steady progress and a fall of racing. More to come. Run on…..