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Two Minute Tip: CRS 103 A Class Worth Taking

The newest addition to my course repertoire is CRS 103: Mastering Positive Change in Today’s World.

This course is different. This course is about your life. You know, your life, that pesky thing that can get in the way of all kinds of productive work time. Just kidding….. Maybe…….
I digress.

Anyway, in CRS 103, we look at ways to have a better business as well as a better life.

We’ll focus on things like clarifying what’s really important, the myth of balance and understanding what a day in the life of a Realtor ought to be. We’ll examine effective ways to master goal setting (and execution), possessing a positive attitude, mastering focus and being fully engaged throughout the day, week and year.

We’ll create a time, or better yet, an energy management protocol as well as work on the art and science of time blocking.
Finally we’ll apply much of what we’ve learned about ourselves to our business and walk away with a plan for a better existence.

Too many agents wander through their careers with a fuzzy plan or no plan at all. Too many great agents have no life. I shouldn’t have to tell you either of those things are not good. It’s time to take control of our businesses AND our lives and the perfect time to do that is right now.

Check my schedule for my next 103 or have me come to YOUR town.