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Tips For Great Blogging and Why You Don’t

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The Two Minute Tip on Better Blogging

Imagine you’re in the checkout line at the supermarket. Someone you know or don’t know strikes up a conversation with you. They discover you’re in real estate. They ask THE ONLY QUESTION THEY ASK: How’s the market? SO….. You tell them.

Somewhere in that chat, you mention that your particular market is sort of a seller’s market and multiple offers abound. They say, “isn’t it tough to be a buyer in that kind of market? How do they do that without getting ripped off?
First and foremost, could you intelligently articulate an answer to either of those questions?

Well the answer to that question is, my friend, a blog post. In fact all of the answers to all of those questions people have for you are potential blog posts. and the Upside is this: you already answer tough questions every day, you KNOW the answers, you just don’t send that info out past the person that asked the question.
THAT is what a blog does.

So, here are seven extra tips for your new (or old) Blog:

7 Quick Tips for GREAT Blogging

1. Attention grabbing headline (subject line, if you’re emailing it). I’ll never read your masterpiece if I don’t go to it or open it.

2. Informative Sub Title. Sub titles block out sections of a blog and help communicate your main points.

3. Great images. Don’t just write, use the power of visuals to help tell your story.

4. Link to Older Posts. As your blog grows, consistently link current material to past material. Many new users have never read that awesome post from six months ago.

5. Write to be read. Be conversational. This isn’t going to be submitted to the Harvard Law Review, so lighten up. Make it a conversation.

6. Start Easy and Simple. Use Blogger to get things going. The Two Minute Tip shows how easy it is to use.

7. Be Relevant. Have fun.


Rich Sands