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The Two Minute Tip Week 2: Multiple Offers and the Seller

The Two Minute Tip is OUT!

As many markets make the turn from being more buyer oriented to being seller oriented (or even full blown seller’s markets), multiple offers often pop on the scene. This week we’ll take a look at the multiple offer scenario from the Seller’s side of things. While Sellers certainly seem to be at an advantage in the multiple offer situation, great agents must understand that market, prepare for it completely, explain options carefully and stay in control of the processes to keep everyone focused on their goals. Our Tip will outline the important factors to consider when dealing with this fantastic opportunity/nightmare. Find The Two Minute Tip at

And Don’t Forget tomorrow’s TIPPLICATION for Multiple Offers: Seller’s side will go into depth on preparation, sharing market information and the Seller consultation. Also, we’re throwing in a dozen bonus ideas just for fun! Thanks for checking out The Two Minute Tip.

Rich Sands