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IMG_03382013 has been an outstanding year for my little project, Rich Sands Seminars. I taught 93 days this year, which was just short of my goal of 100 (work on that next time). I was fortunate enough to travel from upstate New York, to Pocatello, Idaho, to Birmingham, AL. And a lot of places in between.

As far as topics, courses, subjects go, fifteen CRS two day courses were at the top of the list. There are few things I enjoy more than having two days to share the incredible content of a CRS 200, 201, 202 or 206. Some instructors prefer the one to three hour stuff, but I like all of the extra cool things that happen in the classroom when we get an opportunity to get to know each other. What a blessing.

The Military Relocation Professional Certification course was one I was fortunate enough to deliver six times. The MRP is truly amazing. Military active service members, retirees, veterans, Reservists and Guard participants are too often overlooked as recipients of our (the real estate industry) focus. This course changed that. I’m honored to have been able to assist elevating the level of real estate service we can shower upon our military personnel. Ready for more in 2014.

Seems like I got on a little webinar roll this fall, doing four of them. Maybe I am finally getting this tricky delivery system down to a science (or an artform). Got to do CRS Sell-A-Bration this year and FINALLY the Colorado State Convention.

All in all, it was a fun, rewarding, hopefully effective, 2013. I met a plethora of absolutely wonderful people in every aspect of our business. A special thanks to the real estate companies who chose to employ my services this year: the Coldwell Banker Western region, Coldwell Banker Doug Arnold, Coldwell Banker Kappel Gateway, ERA International, ERA Shields, Better Homes and Gardens, Harcourts USA; the Porchlight Real Estate Group, and Equity Utah. A Shout-out to all of the Boards, Associations, Chapters and Affiliate organizations that brought me in to share with their peeps. You are all appreciated.

Special thanks go to my repeat offenders, the folks who tolerated me on multiple occasions: Evelyn Alan, Katie Anthony; Janice Moffat at the Wyoming Association; Cindy, Keisha and Chantel at DMAR; Veronica and Jacquie in Boulder; Sherri Taylor at DERA; Sharon Ballinger at Cenderra; Tess and Mindy in Pueblo, Pam Jaben; Julie Woodfin at CAR, Susan and Cliff in B’ham along with my besties Dede and David Markle, who seem to never get sick of me.

A big thanks to my CRS homies from Mary Beth, Melinda, Andrea and everyone in Chicago to all of my CRS cadre buds and budettes. At NAR/REBAC: Dawn Headtke and Kristin Short: big hugs!

Behind the scenes, several people inspired me to be better this year through their guidance, knowledge and friendship: Rick DeLuca, Matthew Ferrara, John Schumacher, Zan Monroe, and two extra special people that without whom I could not have survived 2013: Mark Given and my wife, Linda!

Last, but not least, thanks to the thousands of real estate agents and “civilians” who took some time this year to get smarter, get better, serve more effectively and build a better business. Without you, this would all be for naught.

I’m sure I missed a lot of important people who deserve an big thank you. For you folks: THANK YOU!

2014 looks to be exciting. There are already fourteen CRS two day courses on my calendar highlighted by two incredible companies that are going the extra mile to serve their agents by supporting the CRS designation: Porchlight Real Estate Group and Cherry Creek Properties. The launching of The Two Minute Tip for the New Year brings with it the hope of regularly giving back to agents that embrace improvement and excellence. ( AND……… who knows what else might pop up along the way. That’s the fun of it all.

I call it a “little project,” but in reality it is my work, my play, my way to give, my passion. I’m so grateful to do what I love and love what i do!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a prosperous, wonderful 2014!