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Showing Up

In less than 48 hours, I will be running the Marine Corps Marathon and it’s almost impossible to believe it. No, I haven’t overcome any life changing, wonderful circumstances to arrive at this spot. In fact, quite the contrary. I’ve just run. But, this might be the worst I’ve ever felt right before a marathon. I’ve run sixteen of these things and never been less confident or focused.

My eighteen week training block produced 1160 miles. That’s 64 a week. Not too shabby, I’d say. Problem is that was a rushed 1160 miles that began an injury (zero miles for the four weeks prior) and one in the middle. It’s been a constant walking of the injury tightrope that has led to almost no focused, quality runs. And there is the problem, it’s hard to focus when my training hasn’t been focused.

I’m counting on experience and a couple of twenty mile runs to get me through. The goal is to finish and to do so comfortably. That’s it. Nothing complicated. Just finish. And have a good time.

While it is very difficult to explain my pre-race funk, I’m not trying (to explain it, that is). I will just go with it. Sometimes all we need to do is show up and get it done. And I am here. Bring it on.