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The Synergistic Marketing Mix

background-71698_640While there are many keys to successful real estate agent marketing, including the relevancy of the message, its reach, frequency and consistency, one of the most important factors is the ability to provide a variety options to deliver your message. For some consumers, they love social media, others love to chat on the phone, while many others still prefer receiving information in person.

To be successful, agents should be willing and able to meet their consumers in a variety of venues. “One size fits all” works in very few situations and marketing just may be a place where it works the least. Enter: The Synergistic Marketing Mix.

Synergy is, according to “the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.”

The goal of the mix is to provide consumers with variety when delivering your marketing message. Many may argue that consistency means repetition of the message in a specialized location, perhaps social media or blogging. When we stray from one venue, we become scattered and diminish the effectiveness of our marketing. I believe that if we want to emphasize our message, stamp our brand in our people’s mind, the more directions from which that message arrives, the better. After all, variety is the spice of life. Isn’t it?

The mix is shown in the chart and subsequent descriptions below.


* A few notes on the chart above:

Your marketing stays fresh by utilizing a variety of content, delivered in a variety of ways.

Direct Mail.  Mail is of two types: real live touch it snail-mail and electronic. With very few exceptions, anything you can mail, can be sent electronically. The great thing about electronic mail is that it can be easily scheduled and delivered whenever you choose.

Phone.  Like many of you, I have used the phone for marketing in a variety of ways. I have done the “sales” call, the “referral” call and the FORD call. Now I practice two types: I still engage in the FORD call, where I make the call, get them to chat about their Family, Occupation, Recreation, or Dreams. Then I simply listen for changes in their lives (the essence of why people move). The other call I make is the Facebook call. I look for people in my sphere to call based on exploring their latest posts on FB. If they are celebrating, mourning, afraid or any other emotional moment, I take the time to follow-up on their post by calling.

In Person.  It is awesome when I can see my peeps in person. We know that 7% of effective communication is derived from the words you use, 38% from tone, and 55% from body language. This makes live and in person the most effective way to communicate. I like three methods: the stop-by, where you just “stop-by” and visit, the client party, an event where the only thing everyone has in common is YOU, and lunch! Monthly, I would take five of my sphere folks to lunch under the guise that I needed help tweaking some of my marketing. We’d being with my latest piece (what did you like about it? not like about it? what could make it better?). The dynamics of who’s invited is crucial. If you remember our sphere classifications from class, I invite two A1’s (my biggest raving fans), two B’s (people who still need some brainwashing) and one C (current buyers or sellers). In no time at all, the A1’s and the C are marketing to my B’s. Never left lunch without at least one good lead.

Social Media.  I consider social media to be a new piece of equipment in a very old game: connecting with your peeps. Cross reference your sphere with your friends, connections, followers. Consistently add relevant folks to the mix, and CONNECT with them. Comment on their posts, write on their wall. An easy method for this can be found in

I discuss many of these methods in more detail in CRS 200 (Business Planning and Marketing), some in 201 (Listings), 202 (Sales) and 206 (Technology: especially the social media factor) We also discuss the nature of Standing Out in my one day CRS elective course: Presentation 2.0. Attend a class to learn more or drop me an email if you have a question at

Since roughly six out of ten real estate consumers prefer to work with someone that they already know, marketing to your peeps is an effective way to create a better business. The synergistic marketing mix will help.