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The Biz Run: Nike and AmEx Are Right!

The last thirty days has found me doing an increased amount of traveling. Business traveling, as many of you know, is not the glamorous, wonderful experience many believe. Fun traveling, maybe. Going on a real vacation could be extremely enjoyable. Business traveling, however, a different animal entirely.

This time around, I have successfully altered a couple of things that have enabled me to make this latest flurry more productive AND more enjoyable: early preparation and running.

In the past I have spent way too much time tweaking slides, inserting last minute content and stressing over everything being “just right.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m still obsessing over the details and working diligently to achieve the best possible experience. I’m just spending more time in that space PRIOR to trip departure, leaving me extra time to do that other thing I love on the road: running.

Running anchors the trip and each day on it. It gives me an activity that is very much “normal,” for me, when I am in an abnormal setting. Because my running melts stress, I have been able to eliminate much of that pre-class anxiety. Last minute content insertions still occur, but now they come within the confines (or lack thereof) that the run provides. Clarity and focus? No problem.

They key to the whole running on the road thing is simple: Just Do It! I make it a point to carve out the time for the run no matter where I am and what else is going on. Sometimes that means a nice prime time run in a wonderful locale, sometimes it’s loops in a hotel parking lot in the dark.

Other benefits of my run-on-the-road protocol are: 1) I sleep better (and sleeping on the road is not easy for me), 2) I am more focused during my classes and/or meetings, 3) I simply do a better job and have more energy.

I love doing classes and seminars, and I love doing them anywhere on the planet. I truly am one of the fortunate people who actually does something I love. The run makes it even better.

The run: don’t leave home without it.