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The Buff Sweep – Oly Trials Day 6

Like the Kenyan men so often do, the University of Colorado women swept the 3000 m Steeplechase on Day 6 of the Olympic Track and Field Trials. Or at least they should have, or could have. Emma Coburn, Shalaya Kipp and Jenny Simpson showing the Boulder running dominance. Would/could have been SO cool. Let me explain.
In 2008, Jenny Simpson (then Barringer) was the top American steepler at the Olympic games. Fresh off an American record setting performance, she was primed to move  up to challenge for the medals with the Kenyan and East European women for London. So what did Jenny do? She changed events.
Now I, nor anyone else, can’t complain too much about Jenny’s decision. She won the World Championships at the 1500 meters last summer and appears ready to make an Olympic run in that event (her final is Sunday). But the thought of the sweep really gets me cranked up.
Then there is that other little thing, Bridget Franek. Franek (who is having a great season) ran a very controlled, smart race to place second sending Kipp to the bronze position. Maybe my sweep wasn’t meant to be. Here’s what I figure would have happened, though: Kipp would have come off the final water jump to glance ahead and see the two Buffettes in first and second, been totally inspired and BLAZED by Franek to secure the sweep. I could/would have so cool! Instead, we get two collegians, both from the University of Colorado representing our country in London. The upside on Coburn and Kipp is that I think both will run considerably faster in the Olympics. Good stuff!

So, I guess I’ll take it and put away my broom for another time and another event. Go Buffs!