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Rest Day Before the Rest Days – Oly Trials Day 3

A Disappointed Jeremy Wariner
Oddly enough there are two rest days within the Olympic Track and Field Trials this time. Yesterday, while not official, was my rest day. Nothing scheduled that excited me much, at least not enough to watch it live. So I DVRed the day and zipped through it later.
The return of Justin Gatlin was the highlight of the evening. Gatlin had been suspended a few years ago for a positive doping test. Unlike most, Gatlin came back as good or better than ever. He seems like a nice guy with a cute little son! Props to Tyson Gay for a successful return to the Trials podium after injuries and surgeries in the past year.
I suppose the low of the evening was the disappointing performance of former Olympic Gold Medalist Jeremy Wariner. Seeking his third Olympic team, he just never quite seemed to have it this year. For Wariner, 2012 has been a missed opportunity as two years ago, he would have been best served moving up to the 800 meters (just sayin’….).
Anyway, excited for tonight as the 800 final for both men and women (go Maggie!) will be contested as well as preliminary races in the 3000 m steeplechase and the 5000. A good night for distance folks.That makes for a good night for me!
On a related note, the Tour de France begins Saturday and I am mildly interested. Hopefully, once the Trials finish and the Tour hits the Alps, my interest will peak.