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Medium Long Run

I merely lived through my “long” run today. No, not bragging or anything, just stating a fact: I lived through my long run (actually a medium long run).
As I conclude week 5 of the eighteen week plan to the Savannah Marathon, I’m working my way back to the long run. Next week it’ll be 14 or 15 (fifteen has always been the benchmark as a “real” long run) and then up to 16, pushing my way methodically to the three twenty mile runs that will eventually place me at the starting line.
I feel a hair behind, but it’s okay. I still have several months of wonderful Colorado weather and I can intelligently (hopefully) make up for a hair of lost time. I’m feeling unaffected by this 60 mile week and am ready to pile a little on in the next couple before my next back-off week.
I still haven’t missed a day this year and after ending last year with a nice couple of months, the streak stands at 316 days. Maybe I’m not supposed to mention it (don’t want the jinx or anything) but the reason I am able to run 316 days straight is because I haven’t been injured or real sick in this time frame. To me, THAT is the part that keeps me going.
I’m at 1604 miles for the year, which is pretty much on schedule. The goal is 2700 and with several high mileage weeks approaching in the middle of the next two cycles, I may even have a bit of padding. The goal that may not get achieved this year is the Half Ironman. That will probably get pushed into 2012. 

So I have few complaints at this point. All by itself, that is a big deal!