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Man vs. Computer: Round 4

I’m four weeks into training for the Savannah Marathon and working diligently on stylish abs. Needing a lift, it seemed to be a great time to issue a challenge to my Macbook. If you recall, I have challenged my computer to two previous contests: a five mile run and a max bench press lift-off. (read the run at and the bench at Both were in order to extract revenge for the humiliating loss by the humans at the hands of Watson, the computer on the Jeopardy show. Both previous challenges were embarrassing defeats for my Macbook.
Today’s challenge: sit-ups.
I have to tell you, I thought I was being pretty generous here. I mean, the sit-up motion is how my Macbook opens and closes everyday. Certainly that would be a fair challenge, if not one stacked to the opposition’s strengths.
Result: you’re looking at it. Mac never moved. I could have done ONE and been victorious, but in the name of humans everywhere, I knocked off 150 of those bad boys just to rub it in.

Take that, Mac (and you too Watson)! Yay humans!