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YIKES! This is all it took?

My phone says it’s 72 degrees outside. All I can really tell you is it’s better than that – it’s GORGEOUS out there.
The beauty of Colorado in the spring is the coupling of winter and summer into one month. We call it March. One day cold, maybe with some snow; two days later 70+. Well, today 72 saved me.
Since the Napa Valley Marathon ten days ago, I have gone through various periods of highly motivated as well as not so much. This morning I had a job interview, came back to my office and shot a couple of video clips for an upcoming class and had pretty much decided on a token four miles. Today, the runner would take a backseat to the worker. Then I hit the Park.
Oh My Goodness….. it was gorgeous. And since last week was a very successful recovery week, I felt pretty good today. When you add to that the fact that for the first time in ages, I left my watch at home, it was “LOOK OUT world,” I’m running free.
It was one of those runs where I actually felt fast, breathed like a Kenyan running nine minute pace, and had an absolute blast. So, naturally, I return home highly motivated and ready to tack on some miles the rest of the week. 

This is all it took?