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Discretion is the Better Part of Something…

My usually stubborn, inflexible self, gave way to the wisdom of my years today. I moved my 20 mile run until tomorrow.
I’d like to say it was purely a logical, practical matter but it was not. It was much more a climactic matter. Today’s winds were around 20 to 25  MPH, gusting to 30 to 35 and coming pretty much straight from the Northwest. Translated: roughly 16 miles of strong headwind. Sorry, not interested.
Back in the thrilling days of yesteryear, we (me and the mouse in my pocket)  might have considered such conditions a challenge to be accepted and conquered. I was younger back then and could find a bit of self-proclaimed macho-ness in the completion of a long run in the face of gale force winds like today’s. In the words of Roberto Duran, “no mas.”
At this point, my twenty mile runs (this being the second in preparation of the Napa Valley Marathon) are a stressful enough event without them having the added hurricane headwind. Instead I opted for a nice 8 mile jaunt at Wash Park where I knew I would be able to share my windy experience with a multitude of others.
Tomorrow promises light winds from the West (not that much better, but better). As previously mentioned, it will be my second preparatory 20 miler (2nd of four total). It will also cap a 72 mile week and my first tryout of GU as my gel of choice.
Here’s hoping the right decision was made. I wouldn’t want to have moved this run for nothing.
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He was chicken.