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Courses taken to achieve the Certified Residential Specialist designation are some of the highest quality sales courses anywhere..


The mission of the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC) is to provide training and support that helps buyer’s representatives be successful in their business—and to educate consumers about the benefits of buyer representation and the ABR® designation, in order to improve their homebuying experience.


Our topics are designed to be cutting edge and relevant for you and today’s market. While most have been designed for delivery in a 2 – 4 hour format, all topics can be customized to meet most any time frame or individual needs.


New from Rich Sands Seminars is The Two Minute Tip, videos designed to address the hottest and most relevant topics in real estate today.

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Only a PEAK performer can guide you to PEAK performance.
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There isn’t a time when Rich Sands doesn’t remember leading a class full of students. For fifteen years he brought out the best in high school students. He took that leadership to the real estate industry where he rose to the position of Director of Education, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Colorado and revolutionized the company’s training services for more than 2,000 managers, agents and staff. Now, an experienced international presenter and instructor, Rich specializes in helping sales people master their skills with both buyers and sellers. His flagship presentations, “Presentation 2.0,” and “The Carabiner: The Climbers Secret to Sales Success” integrate the key practices needed to engage and impress your customers. Presently, he is President of Rich Sands Seminars and works closely with international franchise systems and independent brokerages. As a NAR/REBAC and Certified CRS instructor, he conducts dozens of courses each year for the National Association of REALTORS® and Council of Residential Specialists. While the real estate business is Rich’s passion, it is not the only one. He began running in 1966, ran collegiately and continues to “pound the pavement and the trails” having competed in over 500 races including 16 marathons and logging over 108,000 miles. The next challenge is the Ultra Marathon.


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The road to PEAK performance is paved with relevancy.
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Peak Performance

“Every mountaintop is within reach if you just keep climbing.” – Brian Finlay
Peak Performance is a magical place where everything sort of comes together to create an optimal result. The best part is that while seeming magical, Peak Performance is a bi-product of substantial thought and effort. There is no Golden Ticket or magic wand for the chosen few. We are all capable of Peak Performance.
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The Climbers Secret to Sales Success
This course will examine the three critical parts of the Carabiner: the anchor (you), the loop (others) and the connector (how we reach them) and how mastering all can catapult your business to the next level.
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We are always presenting
It is not enough to simply deliver information, a great presentation incorporates methods designed to not only give sales people knowledge, but competency and confidence as well. It is only through those qualities that mastery is achieved and only through deliberate hands-on education that the results are embedded into a business.
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If everyone is watching video, why aren’t you making them?
It is estimated that over half of all internet use in 2016 will be people watching videos. With so much exposure and opportunity, sales people must know how to leverage their skills, expertise and market into a comprehensive, relevant video plan.

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