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Hot New Classes for 2020

NEW!!!  CRS Creating Listing Abundance.    OMG, This one is AWESOME!!!   CRS 8 Hours

Effective and efficient systems for listing and pricing properties is essential for success as a residential real estate agent. Creating Listing Abundance provides the knowledge and tools needed to develop and sharpen your listing and pricing systems and strategies. Some of the topics in this fast-paced, information-rich course include the listing mindset, sources of listing business, the listing appointment and presentation, and handling the competition.

After successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Develop a listing mindset focused on market knowledge, self-awareness, and providing excellent service to your clients
  • Tap into traditional and modern/digital sources of listing business
  • Create and deliver compelling, customized listing presentations that focus on your clients’ needs
  • Provide seller guidance and counseling on how to leverage market analysis data and the importance of proper positioning
  • Effectively manage seller concerns, resistance, and objections

NEW!!!!!    CRS Technology and Plans for Success .        CRS 8 Hours

This course examines the changing role of real estate agents in the rapidly-evolving technology age and provides guidance on the technologies needed to effectively work with today’s connected consumers. You will leave the class with templates, strategies, and tools to identify, evaluate, and select appropriate technologies to enhance your communication, productivity, and efficiency, while keeping your clients’ data safe.

After successfully completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Select the appropriate equipment, software, and technology platforms needed to streamline your operations and meet the expectations of today’s tech savvy consumer
  • Leverage customer relationship management (CRM) software to grow your network, communicate proactively with clients, and maximize efficiencies in your business
  • Design and optimize your website to improve your professionalism to the consumer and provide data to help them understand your services
  • Develop effective email marketing initiatives to improve client communications and provide value to your clients

NEW!!! CRS Working with First Time Home Buyers: A Blueprint for Success .     This New Class has been UPDATED!

Say goodbye to missed opportunities and connections, and to misinformation and misunderstanding with first-time home buyers (FTHBs). Soar to new heights by optimizing client services and brand recognition with FTHBs in your market. This course will help professional real estate agents improve their sphere of interest (SOI) and become the go-to-specialist for client and referral services in the FTHBs market. With this new educational offering, residential real estate professionals will learn to shape and sharpen their business processes to address the needs of modern-day FTHBs. So start the process today and revolutionize you mindset to maximize successful outcomes in your market by becoming the specialist of choice in the minds of FTHBs.

  • Scaffold your knowledge base by developing an analytical approach for working with FTHBs
  • Break the ice with FTHBs by leveraging your leadership skills
  • Find FTHBs, opening the flood gates and discovering new FTHB resources
  • Attract FTHBs by creating a client-centric and innovative marketing niche
  • Innovate and simplify your consultation system for the needs of today’s FTHBs
  • Create a comfortable and seamless buying experience for the FTHBs
  • Wow the FTHBs by delivering GASP effect professional customer services
  • Stamp your brand and services in the minds of FTHBs, become a life-long support system for their real estate needs and education

NEW!!!!!  REBAC Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation .    One Day NEW Class!!!!!!

Real estate professionals know how critical it is to employ a creative and memorable marketing approach to generate leads, while clearly communicating services and value based on the buyer’s needs and expectations. What’s the best way to strike this balance? Do the same strategies work for different target markets?

This one-day course explores both traditional and cutting edge strategies to strengthen the real estate professional’s marketing efforts and take them to the next level. The course also examines various tools and technologies available to maximize lead generation and market impact.

NEW!!!! For Me, at least . Corporate Relocation: The Next Move. One Day Class!!!

The Next Move provides students with knowledge of the corporate relocation landscape
that can be applied to help them recognize and take advantage of business opportunities, as well as, create
methods for developing a relocation real estate niche, deliver positive results for all transaction stakeholders, and
gain valuable referrals.