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7 + 38 + 55 = 100 Communication: The Two Minute Tip Week 10

Are you communicating well? For years people in all walks of life have discussed UCLA psychology professor Albert Mehrabian’s discovery that face to face communication can be broken into three components. 7% of what is believed when we speak comes from our words, what we say. 38% is accounted for in the way we say what we say, some call it tonality. And what others see (body language) accounts for… Read More »7 + 38 + 55 = 100 Communication: The Two Minute Tip Week 10

The Listing Mindset: The Two Minute Tip Week 7

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Even though it may not seem like it in your neck of the woods, Spring is right around the corner. And with Spring, comes what I like to call: The Listing Season. Frankly, any time is listing time but Spring in many areas signals hot listing action. While many agents will take listings, we want more. We want to dominate our markets. And in order to be ready to dominate… Read More »The Listing Mindset: The Two Minute Tip Week 7

Tips For Great Blogging and Why You Don’t

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The Two Minute Tip on Better Blogging Imagine you’re in the checkout line at the supermarket. Someone you know or don’t know strikes up a conversation with you. They discover you’re in real estate. They ask THE ONLY QUESTION THEY ASK: How’s the market? SO….. You tell them. Somewhere in that chat, you mention that your particular market is sort of a seller’s market and multiple offers abound. They say, “isn’t it… Read More »Tips For Great Blogging and Why You Don’t

The Two Minute Tip Week 4: Mobile Presentations

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Mobile Presentations Today’s mobile agent must conduct their business in every way, anytime, anywhere and at a moment’s notice. And that includes presenting. So let’s talk some presentation basics that go DOUBLE, when mobile.  

TIPPLICATION Week 4: Haiku Deck

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Haiku Deck for your Mobile Presentations Evidence shows the visual to be a far superior method when it comes to delivering a message and having it received at the other end. PowerPoint and Keynote have long been the venue for most presentations and have both been maligned as the evil behind boring, terrible presentations. This criticism, by the way, is not valid. The user, not the program, is at fault.… Read More »TIPPLICATION Week 4: Haiku Deck

TIPPLICATION Week 2: Multiple Offers & Sellers

In today’s TIPPLICATION, we will be APPLYING yesterday’s tips in an attempt to get a better handle on Multiple offers from the sellers perspective. We’ll cover three applications of the tip: Knowing the market, sharing that knowledge, and  conducting an excellent seller consultation. We’ll close with a dozen quick tips for you.

The Two Minute Tip Week 2: Multiple Offers and the Seller

The Two Minute Tip is OUT! As many markets make the turn from being more buyer oriented to being seller oriented (or even full blown seller’s markets), multiple offers often pop on the scene. This week we’ll take a look at the multiple offer scenario from the Seller’s side of things. While Sellers certainly seem to be at an advantage in the multiple offer situation, great agents must understand that… Read More »The Two Minute Tip Week 2: Multiple Offers and the Seller

Listen Up! It Might Help Us Both…

I traveled quite a bit in the last six weeks and will close the year with a flurry of travel. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked “How can I help you?” I could have paid considerably less for the trips. From the airline check-in desk to the taxi driver to the hotel and on down the line, it seems fashionable to ask me, the consumer,… Read More »Listen Up! It Might Help Us Both…

Are You Re or Pro?

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“Don’t think, React!” That was the daily advice of my Junior High School basketball coach, Mr. Korowin. He believed that if we spent too long pondering the next move on the court, we would be prone to mistakes, indecisiveness, and poor judgment. For us, gangly eighth graders, it may well have been excellent advice. Better advice might have been to learn to be proactive rather than reactive. If we could anticipate the… Read More »Are You Re or Pro?

Military Relocation Professional Certification

I have been very excited for the release of this course since I completed the instructor training in May. Originally named Working With Military Buyers, the new name Military Relocation Professional Certification is an awesome upgrade (as well as an accurate description of the course). Any agent wanting to create a service oriented (pun intended) business would be well advised to look seriously at this certification option. Skills learned can be applied to… Read More »Military Relocation Professional Certification