Daily RICHual #43: Focus

Mr Miyagi said, “Focus Daniel-son.” Now, this was great advice if indeed Daniel-son knew how to focus.  Want great results? Focus. Want to be your best? Focus. So , what is focus? Dr Jim Loehr in a fantastic book written ages ago called Athletic Excellence said, “We have the right focus when what we are doing is the same as what we are thinking.” Simple, right? Actually NO. Not so… Read More »Daily RICHual #43: Focus

Daily RICHual #42: Empathy

Empathy, according to experts like Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk and Oprah is what is called a soft skill. Soft skills—like awareness, empathy, and the ability to connect — refer to personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Empathy is ones ability to understand how another person feels, to be able to walk a mile in their shoes. Do you know how your client/customer feels,… Read More »Daily RICHual #42: Empathy

Daily RICHual #41: Patience

With the widespread concern for the coronavirus, the DailyRICHual has decided to celebrate individual characteristics and traits that will not only get you through this crisis, but also help you be better at any endeavor you may choose. We begin today with patience. Gary Vaynerchuk said, “The single biggest trait you can develop as an operator, entrepreneur, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, daughter, husband, co-worker, or employee is patience.”

Daily RICHual #40: What Update?

If you are like me, even a little bit, you are inundated with the latest technological advancements to the point of being a) confused, b) overwhelmed, c) tired of the speed of the merry go round, or d) all of the above. As we await the coming of the iPhone 27, OS 24, Microsoft 52 and the third version of everything in the last twelve months, how do you (I)… Read More »Daily RICHual #40: What Update?

Daily RICHual #39: A Good Deed

I was standing in line at the grocery store today and I was able to witness one of those great nice person stories first hand. A little (like 4 foot 8) lady was checking out. Her last item scanned was a rotisserie chicken. She handed the cashier her money, it was counted and the cashier said, “I’m sorry, this isn’t quite enough.” Before the words, “I’m sorry, I won’t be… Read More »Daily RICHual #39: A Good Deed

Daily RICHual #37: Sam Spade and the One Liner

As I was watching The Maltese Falcon for the umpteenth time Sunday, I anxiously awaited the “showdown” scene between Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart) and Brigid O’Shaughnessy (Mary Astor). After a rough and rocky relationship (both business AND personal), Spade let’s her know that he’s turning her in for murder, even though he loves her.  “I hope they don’t hang you, precious, by that sweet neck. Yes, angel, I’m gonna send… Read More »Daily RICHual #37: Sam Spade and the One Liner

Daily RICHual #30: We Get an Extra Day!

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Well, we on the Gregorian calendar have an extra day Saturday, Leap Day. Wikipedia says, “February 29, known as a leap day in the Gregorian calendar, is a date that occurs in most years that are evenly divisible by 4, such as 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016. Years that are evenly divisible by 100 do not contain a leap day, with the exception ofyears that are evenly divisible by 400, which do contain… Read More »Daily RICHual #30: We Get an Extra Day!

Daily RICHual #29: Is Nothing Something?

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Talkers block has crept into this blog today. Or maybe it’s nothing block. I feel like talking about something but nothing is popping into my head. So, being a go-with-the-flow kind of guy, I guess I’ll write about nothing. The question is: is nothing something? In every corner of the world, at some moment today, a person will ask another person, “What are you doing?” The answer, probably given more… Read More »Daily RICHual #29: Is Nothing Something?

Daily RICHual #27: Lessons from Grandpa Sands

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My Grandfather, Ernest Sands, was a railroad guy. After World War I he began working for the railroad and pretty much never stopped until they kicked him out at retirement. What I remember about him was working. And the best memory was him working with me. Every Saturday morning, before normal people were awake, we would walk for four hours or more delivering handbills. Handbills, at least that’s what we… Read More »Daily RICHual #27: Lessons from Grandpa Sands

Candy Store Service: Are You A Giver or a Taker?

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When it comes to customer service, do your people perceive you as giving more or taking away?    As we know, a huge part of customer service is perception. What does the customer think they see or think they experience?   I got thinking about this after reading an article on the website The group noticed two candy stores in the same neighborhood that offered, pretty much, the same… Read More »Candy Store Service: Are You A Giver or a Taker?