My Favorite Movies of 2012

Picture is a spoiler Alert Can’t say I saw every movie produced in 2012, but I saw quite a few (Thanks, for discount theaters). I’m sure that some that I didn’t see will score high with the “experts” and many will win awards. But, a man can only rate what he has seen, so here is my top ten (ranked by enjoyability – a very SUBjective ranking)…..10. Trouble With The Curve. Clint Eastwood… Read More »My Favorite Movies of 2012

Technology vs. Old School People Skills and The Pallet

Technology is moving at a break neck speed. New gadgets, designed to save mankind from the discomforts of life, are developed daily (maybe hourly). Some things, however, remain as they have for years, decades, even centuries. One such example of an old idea that technology has yet to improve is the common pallet. Pallets have been around and been pretty much unchanged since the peak of the second industrial revolution, leading into… Read More »Technology vs. Old School People Skills and The Pallet

GPS: Blueprint for Planning Success

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With us well into the month of December, I have to assume that most hard working folks have completed their business plan for the upcoming year. Knowing that the coming year will be an incredible improvement over the one we’re in (card carrying optimists believe that every year) should have been the impetus for a hard look at 2013 and your business. It was that most famous quotster , unknown,… Read More »GPS: Blueprint for Planning Success

Buyers Aren’t Liars, They Need Help!

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Many markets around this land of ours are undergoing severe changes as 2012 slowly comes to its conclusion. Some have become full blown sellers markets, others are recovering much more gradually. We knew all along, that we would come out of the slump, we’d get through the tough times. What we didn’t know was when it would happen. As most of the country rebounds, you must ask yourself this question:… Read More »Buyers Aren’t Liars, They Need Help!

Text Without Context is Forgettable: What Bogart and Gable Teach Us About the One Liner

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As I was watching The Maltese Falcon for the umpteenth time Sunday, I anxiously awaited the “showdown” scene between Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart) and Brigid O’Shaughnessy (Mary Astor). After a rough and rocky relationship (both business AND personal), Spade let’s her know that he’s turning her in for murder, even though he loves her. Spade’s wonderful dialogue, both mildly loving and extremely sarcastic goes like this:  “I hope they don’t… Read More »Text Without Context is Forgettable: What Bogart and Gable Teach Us About the One Liner

Go Visual With Haiku Deck!

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A few weeks ago I was teaching a tablet mobility course in Pensacola, Florida and an agent approached me and asked, “Do you use Haiku Deck?” “No, never heard of it,” I replied. Well…. I have now.As you know, for several years I have been on the soapbox preaching the gospel of fewer words and more visuals as a more effective way to present. Evidence shows the visual to be a… Read More »Go Visual With Haiku Deck!

LIGHTS…. CAMERA…. ACTION! Using Video for Your Business

Part One of Two… To say that the video explosion is coming to the internet is like saying that cars will replace horses as the main means of transportation. It’s already happened. 72 hours of youtube video is uploaded every minute, 4 billion videos everyday. Four billion hours of video are viewed each month. And get this; in 2011 there were one trillion youtube views OR 140 for every person… Read More »LIGHTS…. CAMERA…. ACTION! Using Video for Your Business

More Evidence of the Power of VISUAL!

In a recently written blogpost, social media guru Jeff Bullas wrote of the importance of visual content to Facebook (and other online venues) success. The article can be found at . Very good stuff. This is and isn’t news.It is news because of the statistical evidence found pertaining to the power of visuals in garnering attention on Facebook. Bullas says, “Videos are Shared 1,200 percent more than links and and text posts combined. Photos are liked… Read More »More Evidence of the Power of VISUAL!

Alberto Salazar for President!

The Olympics have come and gone and the world seems to be back to its usual divided self. And when I say “the world” what I really mean is all parts of the world: countries and countries, people and people. No better example of this has been the spewing from both sides of the political spectrum since the choosing of Paul Ryan over the weekend. Frankly, I’ve had it.The Olympics… Read More »Alberto Salazar for President!

Curly Meets Sweet Baby James

As I ponder my existence and periodically search for meaning in this wild and crazy world, I seek guidance from the philosophical Masters of the universe. Normally, I seek the wisest of council from The Most Interesting Man in the World. In this case I look elsewhere. My two Masters are Curly, the hardened cowboy in the movie City Slickers and James Taylor, singer/songwriter. Interestingly, Curly gives enlightenment for  the… Read More »Curly Meets Sweet Baby James